This page answers to common questions regarding giving to AIT. However if you still find that your question is not addressed here, or if you would like to address a comment or suggestion about the site, please feel free to contact us directly.

Mechanics of making a gift

I want to make a gift to AIT, where do I start with?

There are several ways to make your gift to the Institute. The preference of giving varies from donor to donor. You may make a gift by cash, cheque, bank wire transfer, etc. Read more about these ways to make your gift.

Can I designate my gift for a specific purpose?

Of course! We encourage you to label your gift to a program that is significant to you. Learn about the Institute’s top fundraising priorities, as well as the other areas that can benefit from your support.

In what areas AIT need support most right now?

The Institute has identified four major areas as top priorities for support at this time: student scholarships, faculty teaching & research, infrastructure enhancement and unrestricted.

Can I give to AIT by bank wire transfer?

Yes you can. It is important to inform us in advance of initiating a bank wire transfer, so that when your gift arrives, we can properly credit it to your giving record. Read instructions for making bank wire transfers.

How can I make a gift in memory of someone?

Many of our donors choose to give in memory or in honor of a family member, classmate, faculty member, or friend. These gifts may be focused to a specific AIT program or fund, or their use may be left to the discretion of the Institute or as instructed by the donor. When making such a gift, please make sure to indicate the name of the person being remembered or honored in the pledge form.

I would like to support my school or field of study. How can I do this?

Your gifts can certainly be designated towards a school or field of study, or towards a specific initiative within a school or field of study focusing any of the priorities.

If I make a gift to AIT, am I eligible to receive the tax exempt benefit?

Yes you are. AIT is listed in the Thailand Revenue Department as a non for profit organization. After receiving the contribution, we provide an official money receipt to all our donors with a stamp mentioning that the contribution is tax deductible. This is applicable within The Kingdom of Thailand’s income tax laws.

Investing in the endowment

Is this fund going to be used for the day-today operation of AIT?

No. All fund raised by the Friends of AIT Foundation, both the principal and its earnings, shall not be used to sustain the day-to-day operation of AIT, but for her long-term sustainability.  The objective of the endowment fund is for building AIT a global network university. Earning from the Endowment Fund will be used to support world-class visiting scholars each year and attract top students worldwide to study at AIT.

Where will the money go?

All donations will go under the guardian of the Friends of AIT Foundation. Donors have the choice on how the principal and/or its earning are used.  Under the Slogan “For the Creative Global Leaders of Tomorrow”, the proceeds of the fund shall be used in the following two areas:

  1. Awards for “Visiting Scholars” for 10 selected world-class scholars every year to spend a visiting period at AIT.
  2. To strengthen AIT’s tradition of being a higher education hub/platform for top students from all over Asia and beyond by awarding generous full scholarships plus stipend to top international students irrespective of gender, race and religion.

What ensures the transparency of the endowment fund?

The Friends of AIT Foundation is governed by the Foundation Board composed of prominent alumni and friends of AIT. Under the Foundation Board, there is 4 subcommittees (1) Fundraising Committee; (2) Investment Committee; (3) Fund Management Committee; and (4) Audit Committee to ensure the transparency of the fund.

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