The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is a leading higher learning institute of engineering and technology, environment, resources and development and management. At its beautiful main campus located just north of Bangkok, Thailand, AIT operates as a self contained international community where a cosmopolitan approach to leaving and learning is the rule. Founded in 1959, AIT fosters an exceptional learning experience in a multicultural environment that reaches beyond boundaries. It carries out its mission "develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play a leading role in the region's sustainable development and its integration into the global economy" by supporting technological change and sustainable development through higher learning, capacity building and outreach.

These astonishing events require strong financial base. We rely on the support and contributions from our stakeholders such as alumni, friends, former and current faculty, staff, students and friends of AIT; as we work to strengthen the Institute’s resources and strengthen its leadership position in the region and beyond in the following key areas.

Annual giving: Annual giving to AIT provides a vigorous flow of support for the Institute and its immediate needs. Stakeholders such as alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends help to sustain a healthy atmosphere for learning in and out of the classroom. Your gifts may upgrade spectacular facilities, support a field of study with advanced technologies, and fund to save energy and reduce carbon emission.

Student scholarship: Your contribution will help us to strengthen AIT’s tradition of being a higher educational hub for top students from all over Asia and beyond by awarding generous full scholarships and/or partial fellowships plus stipend to top international students irrespective of gender, race and religion.

Faculty teaching & research: Your generous support will ensure rebuilding faculty diversity which will reconfirm AIT as a truly international institute. By inviting top scholars from all over the world not only adds more top students from other parts of Asia, but also attracts top rising-star faculties worldwide, to spend a specific period of time at AIT who prefers to be associated with their international peers.

Infrastructure enhancement: Now a days, institutes requires state of the art facilities to attract the crowd. Contribution can be made individually, in groups or in any other convenient way to facilitate the laboratories, library, academic buildings, student dormitories, sports facilities, etc.

Unrestricted: By simply placing an unrestricted gift is one the most important contribution you can make to AIT. The unrestricted gifts provides AIT the ability to respond quickly to emerging and sustainable opportunities.