Solar streetlights to reduce AIT energy use and carbon emission

Name of the project: Solar streetlights to reduce AIT's energy use and carbon emissions

School: School of Environment, Resources and Development

Project type: Solar streetlight

Purpose of the project: During the flooding of the campus, whole AIT campus ws in the darkness as the grid electrivity supply was cut off. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate how the campus can be well lit with energy efficient LED lamps that operate with solar energy. These solar streetlights will be used in strategic areas of the campus that remain dark and unsafe at night. The solar streetlight is only 9 Watts but thanks to the efficient lighting device, it is designed to cover a length of 28 meters and a width of 5 meters. Once such solar streetlight has been installed in front of Energy Building after flooding and lights up the entrance every night.

These solar streetlights do not require extending electrical connections to remote areas and will help to sensitize AIT students about the direct and indirect benefits of solar energy.

Cost breakdown:

No. Item name Description Cost (THB)
1. 20 solar streetlights Include LED light, solar panel, control system 280,000.00
2. 20 lamp posts Taped metal pipes 30,000.00
3. Civil work Foundation for the metal pipe 10,000.00
4. Labor 10,000.00
    Total 330,000.00