Faculty teaching & research

AIT’s world-class faculties from 20+ countries are the mentors of the institute, especially to the students. AIT upholds its tradition of brilliant and innovative work produces in the laboratories, classrooms. Through their extensive network to the wider world; research activities in their own field of studies; authoring books, chapters, publishing journals in the international arena; winning national and international awards; has become a habit of contributing immensely in the ever changing world.

Current priorities for the faculty teaching and learning are to support:

- Visiting scholars: Visiting scholars having vast experience in their own field of study are invited to spend a specific period of time in AIT for joint teaching and research activities. This will help the institute as well as the faculty members to raise their profile and students will be also benefited through the joint activities.
Cost of sponsoring one endowed scholar: $2 million

- Endowed professorship: Endowed professorships are a way to reward great teachers & researchers, as well as attract top new talent. This also helps strengthen the Institute’s financial basics, adding significantly to an endowment that is modest compared to those of other leading universities.
Cost of one fully endowed professorship: $4 million