Unrestricted gifts enable the Institute the optimal flexibility to seize opportunities and address unforeseen challenges as they arise. These gifts also help to improve the quality of campus life. To mention few examples:

Financial support to students

Unrestricted funds helps AIT remain committed to its need-based financial assistance policies, assuring that every student who has earned admission to the Institute is able to attend.

Supporting innovative research

Through the unrestricted resources we fill up the gaps of the innovative teaching & research projects those begin with funding, but deemed at the early stage after being considered too risky to qualify for backup from traditional sources.

Improving infrastructure

Update the changing physical infrastructure is always a challenge for the Institute. Being the leader in the higher learning and research, AIT requires upgrading the infrastructure resource.

Opportunities for making a difference

We seriously consider the wishes of our donors. The gifts can be earmarked for a special cause as instructed by the donor.