Few institutions of higher learning are as international as AIT. The institute maintains a close connection between education, research and industry. It parters with notable public and private sector entities throughout the Asian region and with some of the world's top international organizations. The Fundraising Office creates and strengthens relationship between the conected focusing on:

  • Supporting students through scholarship programs, internships in the area of mutual interest. Officers of the Fundraising Unit and the specific field of study identify the common area of interest and develop further correspondence between the associated parties.
  • Supports AIT faculty and staff in efforts to maximize corporate support in diverse areas throughout the Institute. Officers closely work with all of the schools at AIT to identify priorities for corporate support, and then coordinate with ILP officers to further develop relationships between AIT and corporations through mutually beneficial programs.
  • Enhancing the infrastructure facilities.

Many companies also support charitable priorities through matching gift programs that, in effect, double or triple a gift to AIT.