AIT has become world leader in teaching & learning in multi disciplines due to the generosity from many stakeholders from different parts of the world.

Beloved Alumni

Lots of factors are combined behind the success of a good school, which includes talented group of students, highly motivated faculty, and finest innovations towards the sustainable growth and development of the region. AIT is frontrunner in all of these three areas, however here’s an equally significant measure of a great school- support of its alumni. AIT also has reason to be proud of this essential benchmark.

Supporting Parents

Besides paying for their son’s or daughter’s education, many parents of AIT students make donations to the Institute. This shows their generous appreciation towards the world-class education their children are receiving, and to support the Institute and its activities which helps to make the life at AIT experience special.

Brilliant Students

Most students live on tight budgets. Mostly borrow money to help pay for their tuition fees. Still AIT receives gifts from these young champs which are especially meaningful. Whatever the amount of the gift is they have a thoughtful effect on the Institute.

Distinguished Friends

AIT is fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who are not AIT community members; however they have significantly supported AIT in different ways, promoted the institute in the broader world and acted as volunteers who firmly believe deeply in the Institute’s vision and mission.

Enthusiastic Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members of the highest caliber are one of the major stake holders of the institute. They often look at issues and challenges before anyone else.  AIT is furnished with best departments, extraordinary colleagues who collaborate across departmental boundaries and an innovative culture unlike anywhere else.  Faculty & staff members are always correlated and are always our advocates and donors.


If you would like to explore ways in which you can support us please feel free to contact us.