Message from the Executive Director

Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe (SOM’ 93)
Executive Director, Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs

I am delighted to welcome you to our giving website. My staff and I feel honored to work with all our donors, be it alumni, private companies, industry, foundations and other institutions who have provided various funding that has been instrumental in transforming AIT under the overarching umbrella of “Social Impact with Innovation”.  My office works closely with faculty and staff in consultation with the President of AIT, Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto in various initiative campaigns that we have embarked on to help AIT both in terms of scholarships and fundraising campaigns to improve our institute’s facilities. 

All stakeholders of AIT are working hard towards realizing the vision of our President in establishing AIT as a globally recognized, innovative, relevant, and entrepreneurial institution.  Since our students are one of the main stakeholders of AIT, it is important that their brief stay at AIT is academically challenging as well as memorable as they progress on their careers. This has led us to have a strong alumni network spanning over 100+ countries who are more than willing to give back to their alma mater and thereby staying connected with AIT.  

Institute Fundraising Campaigns presently launched includes academic scholarships, student exchange scholarships, renovating student dormitories and school laboratory facilities etc, through the generous donations of our benefactors that includes individual Alumni, Alumni National Chapters and Private Corporates. 

If you are already a donor, thank you for your kind generosity and confidence in the mission of AIT! If you wish to join our efforts and learn more about the benefits of supporting AIT, please contact us at,,, You’ll find more about our giving opportunities on this website. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, I thank you and invite you to join our fundraising efforts. 

Together, we are a force for the future.

OAAA officers:

Ms. Lucena Dante Talaid
Senior Alumni Officer
Mr. Bhaskaran Jacob
Senior Advancement Officer

About us

The Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA) is responsible for the following services and functions related to fundraising, alumni, industry relations, and collaboration with foundations and other partners.

  1. Serves as the focal point for individual alumni, the AIT Alumni Association (AITAA), and national chapters in order to provide support to the alumni, and to develop collaboration and partnership for mutual benefits with a focus on fundraising. 
  2. Develops collaborations with Industries, Multinational and Thai companies, with a view to creating awareness and exploring internship, tuition scholarships, and other funding opportunities.
  3. Develops collaborations with foundations and other partners for scholarships and other funding opportunities.

Making a Difference through giving

Donor contributions provide essential support for students served by the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs. OAAA welcomes gifts from individuals, alumni, corporations and foundations to assist our students. Scholarships, internships and enhancing our modern learning environment are some of the ways that private support provides to students with the opportunities they need to be successful.

If you are interested in making a gift to enhance the quality of the student experience, provide scholarship assistance, fund research, enhance the modern learning environment and recognize outstanding students, please discuss your interest with us.