Naming Opportunities and Donor Recognition

To express appreciation to our donors, AIT provides many types of naming recognition opportunities. Naming of the building will be for the life of the building. Same for facilities. Naming of endowed professorships will be perpetual. Naming of Scholarships and Centers can be perpetual if endowed, and temporary if spend-down. Others can be determined case-by-case. Thank you for your support!

Conference Center 
Single Naming of AIT Conference Center: A Complete Renovation50,000,000
Pursuing Academic Excellence  
Entrepreneurship Center (Single donor naming recognition for 10 years)  

One Unit of Incubator Space at AIT Entrepreneurship Center

Endowed Chair Professorships in specific areas of study (Single donor naming recognition/lifetime)10,000,000
Endowed Visiting Chair Professorships (Single donor naming recognition/lifetime)5,000,000
Scholarships (Multiple donor naming recognition) 
Doctoral (full)2,000,000
Master’s (full)1,200,000
Doctoral (tuition & registration fee)1,484,000
Master’s (tuition & registration fee)848,000
Student Exchange Scholarship Program1,000,000
Updating of Laboratory Equipment and Campus Facilities (Multiple donor naming recognition) 
Laboratory Equipment (SET & SERD laboratories)20,000,000
Student Dormitories/ Student Villages 
Student Dormitory N&R 5,000,000
(for each building)
Student Dormitory D 5,000,000
Student Dormitory M&S 3,000,000
(for each building )
Student Village (Single donor naming per building)500,000
Standard Dorms per room (air-conditioned, water heater, separate toilet, furniture)200,000
Standard Dorms per room (air-conditioned and water heater)70,0000
AIT Cafeteria (Single donor naming recognition)20,000,000
Robert B. Banks auditorium per chair5,000
Library per study chair5,000
Milton Bender auditorium per chair3,000