Donors and Partners

Donors for 60th Anniversary Campaign

Updating of Lab Equipment

  1. Dr. Punchet Thammarak – STE, SET Laboratory Equipment
  2. Ms. Sheila Jay Demafeliz Wee Eng – GTE, SET Laboratory Equipment
  3. Nyan Khine Soe, Yin Lai Yee Oo & Alex Phone Myat Nyan Khine Family – EEM, SERD Laboratory Equipment
  4. Mr. Shih-Yi George Chen – GTE Laboratory Equipment
  5. Dr. Thumanoon Susumpow – STE, SET Laboratory Equipment
  6. Mr. Tsai Yau Tang-WEM Laboratory Equipment
  7. Dr. Kriengkrai Satapornvanit and Dr. Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit – AARM Laboratory equipment
  8. Ms. Ainzali Kyaw Soe – RRDP Laboratory Equipment
  9. Mr. Chawalit Tanomtin – GTE Laboratory Equipment

Updating of Campus Facilities

  1. Mr. Randula Hettiarachchi & Ms. Dilesha Herath– Library Study Chair
  2. Dr. Tongchat Hongladaromp, Dr. Suvit Sae Tia and Dr. Tippawan Pinvanichkul (AIT Alumni @KMUTT) – Student Village 1
  3. Eastern Star Real Estate PCL – Student Standard Dorm
  4. Dr. Supaporn Tantanasiriwong – Robert B. Banks Auditorium Chair and Library Study Chair
  5. Mr. Opas Ovasith – Library Study Chair
  6. Mr. Russell Bruce Rein – Fiber Glass Boat + Outboard Motor Equipment for OFAM
  7. Mr. Pira Laohasomboon – Student Standard dorm
  8. Dr. Yanyong Phataralaoha – Student Village 1
  9. Dr. Eden Y Woon -Two new LED E-Boards
  10. Mr. Shih-Yi George Chen – Student Village 1
  11. Mr. Tsai Yau Tang-Library Study Chair
  12. AITAA ROC Chapter-Robert B. Banks Auditorium Chairs
  13. AITAA Hong Kong & Macau Chapter – Student Village 2
  14. Mr. Chen Ren Chung (GTE’72)- Library Study Chairs
  15. Mr. Susanto Halim (SEM’73)- Library Study Chairs
  16. AITAA Bhutan Chapter – Library Study Chairs
  17. Mr. Michael and Ms. Queenie Chen- Library Study Chairs
  18. Dr. Tong Ki Woo – 65 inch LCD monitor and improvement of Korea House
  19. Na Lamphun Family – Student Village 1
  20. Ms. Areewan Haorangsi – Library Study Chairs
  21. Prof. Dieter Trau – Mini Library of Entrepreneurial & Product Design Books at the Create Space of AIT Entrepreneurship Center
  22. Mr. Tan Tong Choon – Library study chair

Pursuing Academic Excellence

  1. Mr. Edmond Yue – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for Students from Heilongjiang Province, China
  2. Dr. Subin Pinkayan – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for Students of any Nationality
  3. Ningbo Ricky Brand Management Co. Ltd – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for Bangladesh Students
  4. Lawsgroup Charity – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for Chinese Students at AIT Exchanging to another Country or AIT Belt and Road Students Exchanging to China
  5. AITAA ROC Chapter – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for student with any nationality exchanging to Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), student with Taiwanese nationality exchanging to any universities in the world that AIT have agreements and student of any nationality exchanging to any university in Taiwan.
  6. Computer & Structures, Inc. – Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer
  7. Thai Pipe Industry Co. Ltd. – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for AIT Masters students with Thai nationality who are employed in these 6 institutions: Provincial Waterworks Authority, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Royal Irrigation Department, Department of Water Resources, National Housing Authority and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
  8. AIT Chinese Alumni in Thailand – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for 2 Chinese students (holders of passport of the People’s Republic of China) per year to support these students for their living expenses not exceeding Thai Baht 100,000 each in exchange program with the recognized universities, colleges and/or institutes worldwide that AIT have agreement except those in mainland China. In addition, the donation might be used for other purpose (e.g. supporting one or two students from Belt and Road countries for their round trip air ticket when exchanging with any recognized university that AIT have agreement in mainland China), on a case by case basis subject to the final approval by the AIT Chinese Alumni in Thailand.
  9. Ms. Arunporn  Limskul – support Entrepreneurship Center
  10. Dr. Varaporn Jaovisidha – Master Student Scholarship
  11. Rafiul Ahad and Frances Kasala Ahad – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for academically promising and financially needy AIT Master students with Thai nationality or any nationality, and stateless students.
  12. AITAA Sri Lanka Chapter – Sri Lankan Master Student Scholarship
  13. AITAA Bangladesh Chapter – Bangladesh Masters Student Scholarship
  14. AITAA Vietnam Chapter – Master’s Tuition Fellowship for Vietnamese Student
  15. AITAA Korea Chapter – Arirang Endowment Fund
  16. AITAA China Chapter -AIT Belt and Road Research Center
  17. Mr. Jaime & Mrs. Elise del Rosario – SMART Classroom
  18. INDEX International Group Co. Ltd – 3 Masters students (SERD, SET, SOM). Bonded Scholarship.
  19. Siam Cement Group – 2 Masters (SERD, SET, SOM ) for Siam Cement employees only
  20. Mr. Bun Wong – Contribution for the SEC’88 fellowship (STE, SET)
  21. Thai Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. – Scholarship
  22. AITAA Thailand Chapter – Student Exchange Scholarship Program for Thai Masters student


1. Dr. Anthony S. F. Chiu – Books Donation at the AIT Library

2. AITAA Hong Kong & Macau – Books Donation at the AIT Library

3. Mr. Thet Tun Oo – Gift Giving


AIT alumni SEC’88 batch

Bangchak Corporation PCL, Thailand
Bhagya Enterprise Co. Ltd., Thailand
Bridgex Bina Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Chaipattana Foundation, Thailand
Chevron Asia South Ltd. (Unocal Myanmar Offshore Company Limited)
Computer & Structures, Inc., USA
Council for Agricultural Research & Policy, Sri Lanka

Ellipse Enterprise SDN BHD, Malaysia

Give2Asia, USA

Index International Group Co. Ltd., Thailand

Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka

National Education Commission, Sri Lanka

Panya Consultants Co. Ltd., Thailand
Pruksa Real Estate PCL, Thailand

Robert B. Banks, USA

Siam Cement Group, Thailand
SPS Global Corporation Co. Ltd., Thailand

Thai Pipe Industry Co. Ltd., Thailand
Theun-Hinboun Power Co. Ltd., Lao PDR

University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka
University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka
University of Vocational Technology, Sri Lanka

Wisit Engineering Consultants Ltd., Thailand