AIT Six Strategies

AIT will have the following six strategic emphases:

1. By Embracing Innovation
Applying innovative technology to existing social impact research strengths and modernizing AIT teaching methods to include more technology and practicum.

2. By Being International
Expanding global collaboration and exchange networks to benefit faculty and students, and to extend our influence beyond Asia.

3. By Working with Enterprises
Pursuing more relationships and cooperation with enterprises. Closer collaboration with industry to increase relevance to economic growth.

4. By Nurturing Entrepreneurship 
Encouraging more commercialization of our research and establishing an AIT Entrepreneurship Center to foster a start-up culture at AIT. Emphasis will be on social entrepreneurship.

5. By Caring for Stakeholders 
Placing students at the highest priority and cultivating Alumni relations more broadly and deeply. Adopting a welcoming, can-do spirit all through campus.

6. By Broadening Support 
Creating opportunities to support new infrastructure, scholarships, chair professorships and research focus areas.