AIT Alumni Scholarships/Student Exchange/School Lab Fund

    On 11 May 2022, the AIT Alumni Association (AITAA) Headquarters, and AIT Office of
    Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA) has launched the campaign towards the AIT
    Reserve Fund. This is a joint initiative by OAAA and AITAA HQ requesting each and every
    Alumni to provide a one-time contribution in setting up of the AIT Reserve Fund. We
    received a response from alumni who contributed to this campaign and as of 30 January
    2023, we received a total donation of THB 999,257.19.

    With the consent from the National Chapter Presidents and AITAA HQ Executive Committee
    members during the Zoom meeting on 17 June to merge the Reserve Fund into the Alumni
    Scholarships Fund, AITAA HQ President sent a letter to AIT President in August 2023 for
    his approval to merge these two accounts. AIT President agreed to proceed to cover the
    student needs such as scholarships, student exchange scholarships, upgrading of school lab
    equipment and others.

    This fund is renamed as the “Alumni Scholarships/Student Exchange/School
    Laboratory Fund”.

    Donation Pledge for Alumni Scholarships/Student Exchange/School
    Laboratory Fund

    Yes, I hereby pledge to make a contribution to support AIT!

    Alumni Scholarships/Student Exchange/School
    Laboratory Fund

    USD 500 (THB 16,920)
    USD 300 (THB 10,152)
    USD 100 (THB 3,384)

    Exchange rate as of 25 April 2022 = USD 33.84

    OTHER Amount of Donation

    I would like to pay by

    Type of Credit Card

    (Please note that Credit Card payment of more than 9,999,999 THB is not accepted by SBC payment. Please kindly use Bank Transfer.)

    For donors in Thailand, the donors can claim the donated amount as tax expense, as AIT is registered as No. 86 Non-profit organization with the Ministry of Finance.